Military & Intelligence Community Video Analytics Capture 53% Market Share of the Security Related Video Analytics Market

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Millitary Intelligence Video Analytics

Military users across the globe are demanding more and better means to collect, analyze and share security related video footage. While the deployment of a fleet of unmanned systems, ground mobile platforms and fixed persistent surveillance systems led to a significant increase in the amount of video footage that is captured, the means to exploit that video for near-real time analysis and distribution lags behind. Multiple, competing video formats, interoperability challenges with legacy ISR stovepipes, with somewhat limited capabilities of current data tagging and metadata tools, and problems associated with already-strained, bandwidth-constricted ISR networks will all drive demand for state-of-the-art video analytics solutions.

In addition, military officials see much potential in using the archives of video footage collected by video surveillance systems for later analysis like searching for patterns of insurgent activity over time. To date, only a small fraction of the stored video footage has been retrieved for such intelligence purposes.

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