107% Hike in 2014 U.S. Funding for Embassy Security Upgrades

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U.S. Embassy Security budget, 2012-2014 [$M]

The Global Homeland Security & Public Safety Market – 2014-2022 report reveals that in 2013 $112 billion (34%) of the Global HLS & Public Safety industry revenues came from the high gross margin service and upgrades business

Driven by Benghazi terror attack in 2012 and intelligence indicating terror attacks on embassies in the Middle East and Africa, the U.S. shut down 19 embassies in August of 2013. Aside from exposing the soft underbelly of the U.S., Al Qaida also scored a media victory by disrupting the operations of the U.S. without firing a single shot.

In light of these global events of the past year, the U.S. Diplomatic Security, which is charged with protecting 285 State Department facilities in 189 countries, requested a $2.7 billion budget for 2014, a 67% increase over 2013 level. Out of this budget, the diplomatic corps facilities security upgrade funding will double from $745 million in 2013 to 1.55 billion by 2014.

This market will be open for technological innovation and will include business opportunities for electronic intrusion detectors, smart video surveillance and command & control systems and blast resistant technologies.

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Multi-Billion Dollar Investments for China’s Mass Transportation’s Security Systems

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China Video Surveillance

By 2020, China is expected to have 6,100 km of urban rail lines and 120,000 km of rail network

The Chinese Mass Transportation market is a multibillion dollar market growing at a two digit CAGR. The market is characterized by a special thirst for state-of-the-art technologies (e.g., subway security sensor network ICT, C-3 software products) and high investments in workforce and visitor screening and surveillance.

To date, 36 cities in China have proposals to construct intercity urban rails, of which 28 cities have won official approval. These include new 87 lines exceeding 2,500 kilometers in total by 2015 with a total investment of $ 160 Billion.

It gives a competitive edge to foreign-based companies who can supply first tier high tech equipment and services. As such, foreign companies occupy a major market share in the Chinese transportation market and will continue to do so over the next decade so long as they maintain a technological edge.

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The World’s Largest National Smart Video Surveillance Market is…

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China Video Surveillance, source (IBM)

China! – By the end of 2010, approximately 10 million cameras were installed in China as part of a nationwide buildup of an internal security infrastructure

City-wide deployments of 100,000-plus cameras in China are not uncommon, dwarfing even the largest European or U.S.A. “enterprise” projects. Chinese “Safe Cities” are rushing to construct their surveillance systems by fusing Internet, video surveillance cameras, cellphone, GPS location data, face recognition biometric databases and command & control centers. This growth in turn has resulted in vastly increased demand for technically advanced surveillance systems, thereby creating huge growth opportunities for foreign intelligent video surveillance systems manufacturers, vendors and distributors.

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2 Out of 3 New Airports in the World Will Be Built in China

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U.S. vs China Air Travel Growth Forecast 2011-2031

By 2031 China’s Air Passengers Traffic will be More Than 150% of the U.S. 2011 Traffic

With a population of 1.25 billion and an area of 3.7 million square miles (about the area of the U.S.A.), China is well suited for extensive use of air transportation. According to a forecast by Boeing, the 2012-2020 China air travel will grow 40% faster than global air travel. The tremendous air travel growth leads to immediate and lucrative business opportunities for foreign-based suppliers of airport security equipment for:

  • Airport perimeter security
  • Air cargo screening
  • Passenger screening
  • Checked luggage screening
  • Cabin baggage screening
  • Passenger biometric ID
  • C-3 I

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Global Video Analytics Market – This Region’s Market Share Will Nearly Triple

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Global Defense Video Analytics Market Share by Region [%] – 2011, 2020

Although the Defense, ISR & other security related video analytics market is currently dominated by the U.S., in the coming years the Asia-Pacific region is expected to sustain the fastest regional growth, biting into the U.S. market share. This growth is driven by India’s counter-terror investment and China’s internal security concerns. Within this region, some of the most lucrative business opportunities can be found in the critical infrastructure security intelligent video surveillance market sustaining double digit growth during the forecast period

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Foreign Based Companies to Capture $30 Billion of 2014-2020 China Safe City Market

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Foreign companies in China

A significant number of products used in the Safe Cities projects are supplied by foreign based companies, (e.g., Cisco, IBM, Honeywell, Siemens, Toshiba, AGT). Specifically, foreign companies are the main suppliers of the high-end products and systems including state-of the-art IT, PSIM, PSAP, SaaS, EMNS, MSS and smart video cameras.

Given the $97 billion cumulative 2014-2020 China Safe City market, the foreign-based companies’ 31% market share translates to $30 billion in business opportunities over the next 7 years.

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Global Video Analytics Market to Triple Over the Next Decade

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Global Video Analytics

IVS, ISR and Video Analytics Process Trillions of Video Surveillance-Hours Footage Annually

By 2012, over 200 million video surveillance cameras deployed worldwide captured 1.6 trillion video-hours. Growing at a CAGR of 9-11%, captured video surveillance footage is forecasted to reach approximately 3.3 trillion video-hours by 2020. A hypothetical analysis assuming that 20% of the most critical video streams should have been reviewed by human operators, results in a (hypothetical) need to employ (in 2012) a workforce of over 110 million operators (working 8 hours daily, 300 days a year).

Over 50 years of CCTV security systems underwent a decade of technological revolution. This revolution is based on advancements in image processing algorithms, processors and smart end cameras economy of scale.

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5 Chinese Cities and Provinces Spending Billions on Safe Cities Projects

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Chinese Cities and Provinces Spending Billions on Safe Cities Projects

650 Chinese cities are rushing to construct their safe city platforms by fusing Internet, video surveillance cameras, cell phones, GPS location data and biometric technologies into central public safety meta-systems. A few examples include:

  • Sichuan Province is spending $4.2 billion on its safe city project including a network of 500,000 surveillance cameras.
  • Guangdong Province “Safe City Corridor” project will be based on a 1,000,000 camera surveillance systems at an estimated cost of over $6 Billion.
  • Beijing municipal government is seeking to place cameras in all entertainment venues, adding 400,000 surveillance cameras to the bundle of 300,000 cameras that were installed for the 2008 Olympics.
  • Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, where almost 200 people died in the July 2009 riots, installed 40,000 surveillance cameras as part of an ongoing safe city project.
  • The Safe City project of Guangzhou, one of the main export and manufacturing hubs, will include 270,000 surveillance cameras

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The 93% of U.S. HLS, HLD & Public Safety Market that’s not Aviation Security

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U.S. Homeland Security & Public Safety 2016 Market Shares [%] by Application

While the Aviation Security industry in the U.S. remains a multi-billion dollar market, it constitutes only a small fraction of actual spending by federal state and local governments. Although every new aviation event can create a surge in this market, by 2016 three other industry segments will share nearly 75% of the market: critical infrastructure security, first responders market and CBRN terror and hazmat & disease outbreak mitigation.

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Military & Intelligence Community Video Analytics Capture 53% Market Share of the Security Related Video Analytics Market

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Millitary Intelligence Video Analytics

Military users across the globe are demanding more and better means to collect, analyze and share security related video footage. While the deployment of a fleet of unmanned systems, ground mobile platforms and fixed persistent surveillance systems led to a significant increase in the amount of video footage that is captured, the means to exploit that video for near-real time analysis and distribution lags behind. Multiple, competing video formats, interoperability challenges with legacy ISR stovepipes, with somewhat limited capabilities of current data tagging and metadata tools, and problems associated with already-strained, bandwidth-constricted ISR networks will all drive demand for state-of-the-art video analytics solutions.

In addition, military officials see much potential in using the archives of video footage collected by video surveillance systems for later analysis like searching for patterns of insurgent activity over time. To date, only a small fraction of the stored video footage has been retrieved for such intelligence purposes.

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